Love & family

Inspiring by the loving people working in the company – 
2015-12-12 17.42.00I was born and growing up in a very happy family. My family is still like that. I’m blessed and very thankful for our long lasting feeling. But I considered my family as minority nowadays. I’m not sure what gave me such idea. Maybe it is because of the viral news and Internet feeds about cheating, break-up and unhappy relationship. Maybe the society has reached to the level where it is so easy to walk away from a partner. Maybe the YOLO mindset has stopped people from trying their best for their small family, so that they can go for whatever they think that is more important. People say that after the wedding ceremony, love does not exist between the couple anymore. There are only gratitude and the habit of doing things together that remain. Continue reading “Love & family”

Myanmar – the new destination for tourists


You might hear Burma more than Myanmar when talking about the country Myanmar itself. Myanmar is the official name since 1989, replacing its old name of Burma. When traveling to the country, we realized that Myanmar people still call their country Burma and their culture Burmese.

I went to Myanmar in a completely unprepared trip, thinking that I would not see anything but temple, thinking that I would have much quite time for meditation. Unexpectedly, my unprepared trip turned out to be amazing with many things discovered about Burmese cultures and people. Continue reading “Myanmar – the new destination for tourists”

Peace over war – two pieces of contemporary dance

IMG_5789War and its consequences are always sad inspirational topics of art. The intensity of battles. The pain of people in the field and at home. The protests against the governmental commitment to endless war…

Together Higher Dance and Robin Becker had successfully brought their work of art to the audiences in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City in September 2015. Peace Over War included two amazing pieces of contemporary dance for the same topic. Same topic but different aspects and styles. Continue reading “Peace over war – two pieces of contemporary dance”

Life of uncertainty

We all dream of a life where we have a happy ending, just like in the fairy tale. Have you ever wondered what happens after the end that are told? Well, somebody already did for you in case you haven’t done so.

What i am trying to say is that you should not expect anything to turn out perfectly. Life is filled with uncertainties. It has been such a week that I personally witnessed how impermanent life can be. Continue reading “Life of uncertainty”

The Lexus and the olive tree – home vs. the world

Source: brookemccurdy blog
Source: brookemccurdy blog

Although the Lexus and the olive tree of Thomas Friedman has been published for 16 years, the concept of globalization is still relevant. I read it again just to find how amazing it is when we map the real life events to what were talked about in the book.

“The olive tree stands for home & identity. The Lexus stands for the development of the modern world. The tug of war between those two happening different ways around the world, in both negative and positive sense.” Continue reading “The Lexus and the olive tree – home vs. the world”

Remote – office not required

1164-remotecoverA book written from the authors’ own experience in managing a successful company favoring remote working style. Enjoyable illustration, easy to read and making perfect sense. 
Authors: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
Rating: 3.5/5

What makes the book tempting is the credentials of two authors – founders of Basecamp, an IT successfully operate in remote-working model. You will find in the book – Remote office not required – all arguments needed to support your choice of remote working, whether you are employee, team lead or employer. Continue reading “Remote – office not required”

Biking through the mountain road

2015-06-06 12.13.30Biking through the mountain road is to see how small I am
All the slopes to go up, then go down
The wind, the fresh air and the sunlights – I expose my body to the good of nature
I feel no pollution, no rush and no pressure
I feel myself – free and wild
Hello to the green of grass and trees
Hello to the blue of the sky together with the white of the clouds
Hello to all the paths with dust, rocks and bushes
Hello to the wildflowers along the road Continue reading “Biking through the mountain road”