Myanmar – the new destination for tourists


You might hear Burma more than Myanmar when talking about the country Myanmar itself. Myanmar is the official name since 1989, replacing its old name of Burma. When traveling to the country, we realized that Myanmar people still call their country Burma and their culture Burmese.

I went to Myanmar in a completely unprepared trip, thinking that I would not see anything but temple, thinking that I would have much quite time for meditation. Unexpectedly, my unprepared trip turned out to be amazing with many things discovered about Burmese cultures and people. Continue reading “Myanmar – the new destination for tourists”

Green Singapore – Let’s make it our garden

FullSizeRenderThree typical words to briefly describe Singapore would be CLEAN, SHOPPING MALL and FINANCIAL CENTER. Green is not in the list.

I found Singapore green to an unexpected level. Walking along Orchard Street, I ended up at Fort Canning Park. It was such a great yet surprising feeling of seeing big trees and variety of plants in the middle of the city. There are signs about names, origins and daily use of each type of trees and plants. The signs are small, but are big in the education mission in order to get the awareness of tourists and residents of the importance of trees. They make sure that people do not take for granted the lung of the city.
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Kohrong – the beauty of a remote island

DSC06829A morning waking up by the sound of the sea, birds and trees
Walking along the white sand beach to enjoy the gentle waves
Sitting down on the sand to quietly observe the beauty of the area – long coast surrounding the forest, blue sea, white sands and green trees. Here and there are houses for tourists. Boats getting and leaving the wharves.
Those are my favorites things to do in Koh Rong in a runaway vacation of mine

I decided to go to Koh Rong after looking to all the beautiful pictures of the island, thinking that Photoshop or Instagram are magicians which can make things much more splendid than they really are. Pretty sure that you cannot agree with me more 😉 However, Photoshop and Instagram do not need in this case. I was numb when the boat got the island – the sightseeing is so beautiful. Continue reading “Kohrong – the beauty of a remote island”

Bangkok – I’m working for the information office

???????????????????????????????I travelled to Bangkok – for the first time on my own.

While walking around Siam area for the some foods, I met a very helpful guy sitting in front of a door. He was really willing to help showing stuff and explaining things to me. He worked for the information office nearby. According to him, that day was the official Buddhist holiday in Thailand, thus, all the tours would be at a discount. He recommended me to take the tuk tuk to the Thai Pier and then the boat tour for just 1,500 bath instead of 3,000 bath on other days. He emphasized that the boat tour deal would be closed in an hour and ran to find me a tuk tuk so that I could catch the last one. Being too hungry and didn’t want to rush I said thanks and walked away, feeling regretful that I forwent such a good deal. Continue reading “Bangkok – I’m working for the information office”

Pattaya – 9 things discovered in my trip

1. Beach – Beaches in Pattaya are no special. We went there in the hurricane season thus snorkeling was impossible due to strong movements of the waves. The closest island to Pattaya is Koh Larn. We could only go to 2 among 6 beaches of the island. Nual Beach, or Money Beach, has white and soft sand along the coast. I’d recommend this beach if you come visit Koh Larn. Samea Beach was packed with tourists when we were there due to convenient transportation from Pattaya (there is a boat goes directly from Pattaya port to Samea beach). The beach has too much dead coral along the coast.  Your feet and legs are really at risk when you run to the water.  Chairs are placed so closed to the water that it’s hard to find a sandy area for sun bathing.

2. Transportation – You have some options to travel to the island. Popular way is to take the public boat to the island for 30 baths each way. Then motorbike or taxi to specific beach on the island with 40 bath each way cheapest. Second option is to take the boat tour to the island for 150 baths round trip, with discount price on the rent chairs. This is cheaper than taking the public boat in our experience. You can also take the speedy boat. That is such an adventure – the boat bumps on the water surface continuously. This method is not recommended for those who has seasick, of course. Continue reading “Pattaya – 9 things discovered in my trip”