Paris – the dream coming true

DSC0545rsParis has always been in her mind since the 6th grade in school. She learned French – the most beautiful language in the world.  She learned about the country, the culture and people. She learned from school, from reading books and from conversations with her teachers. She loved France and its culture.

She missed some chances to go to France. She failed a number of scholarships to France. Things did not go right for the whole school time – from 6th grade until the graduation of her undergrad . It seemed like she and France were not meant for each other. That did nothing but strengthened the desire for France, like a baby crying louder when she does not get candies from Mom. Oh France, until when?

Finally the day has come. She is so excited and also nervous when boarding. She chuckle after the short conversation in French with the air-hostess. Continue reading “Paris – the dream coming true”