Pattaya – 9 things discovered in my trip

1. Beach – Beaches in Pattaya are no special. We went there in the hurricane season thus snorkeling was impossible due to strong movements of the waves. The closest island to Pattaya is Koh Larn. We could only go to 2 among 6 beaches of the island. Nual Beach, or Money Beach, has white and soft sand along the coast. I’d recommend this beach if you come visit Koh Larn. Samea Beach was packed with tourists when we were there due to convenient transportation from Pattaya (there is a boat goes directly from Pattaya port to Samea beach). The beach has too much dead coral along the coast.  Your feet and legs are really at risk when you run to the water.  Chairs are placed so closed to the water that it’s hard to find a sandy area for sun bathing.

2. Transportation – You have some options to travel to the island. Popular way is to take the public boat to the island for 30 baths each way. Then motorbike or taxi to specific beach on the island with 40 bath each way cheapest. Second option is to take the boat tour to the island for 150 baths round trip, with discount price on the rent chairs. This is cheaper than taking the public boat in our experience. You can also take the speedy boat. That is such an adventure – the boat bumps on the water surface continuously. This method is not recommended for those who has seasick, of course. Continue reading “Pattaya – 9 things discovered in my trip”