Life of uncertainty

We all dream of a life where we have a happy ending, just like in the fairy tale. Have you ever wondered what happens after the end that are told? Well, somebody already did for you in case you haven’t done so.

What i am trying to say is that you should not expect anything to turn out perfectly. Life is filled with uncertainties. It has been such a week that I personally witnessed how impermanent life can be.

  • They were a happy family with a little boy. In the morning, he went to work and so did she. It was Friday. She was looking for the weekend to come. It would be a nice sunny day outdoor for the whole family. Her phone rang. A friend called her to let her know that her husband had got into an accident and had passed away immediately at the scene. His candle of life was all of sudden blown off. Just like that, he left the world without a goodbye. Just like a read in a book, there is a giant sword hanging above everyone’s head which will fall down anytime. Nobody can say anything about that. Nobody can do anything about that.
  • A famous company sets up its office in Vietnam, big and beautiful. It creates a very good work environment for the employees. According to the plan, they would make it bigger the office, more flexible and more convenient the work environment. It is a dream of many to be part of such company. All of sudden, the management board decided to shut down the business in Vietnam, despite all the efforts, money and investment that were put in place. The announcement was made on the first day coming on board of some newcomers. There were people who had already accepted the offer and were waiting to join the company. Some felt like being dumped by a rich, handsome, funny and warm hearted boyfriend. Some felt like spoiled kids being kicked out to real life with no notice in advance. We all know that there will be an end to everything. What we do not know is when it will certainly happen.

I was shocked and I am still shock on how impermanent things in life can be. Since we can never know for sure what will happen next, it should be the time to take it serious every minute that we spend for people that we love and for things that we do.

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    1. yes, and that is something we cannot predict. The best solution is to treasure what is still there at the moment and be ready for whatever will come

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