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Inspiring by the loving people working in the company – 
2015-12-12 17.42.00I was born and growing up in a very happy family. My family is still like that. I’m blessed and very thankful for our long lasting feeling. But I considered my family as minority nowadays. I’m not sure what gave me such idea. Maybe it is because of the viral news and Internet feeds about cheating, break-up and unhappy relationship. Maybe the society has reached to the level where it is so easy to walk away from a partner. Maybe the YOLO mindset has stopped people from trying their best for their small family, so that they can go for whatever they think that is more important. People say that after the wedding ceremony, love does not exist between the couple anymore. There are only gratitude and the habit of doing things together that remain.

I heard people talking, writing about LOVE with many love stories. I was thinking “what a fairy tale”

I read on the news, I heard stories about CHEATING, BREAK-UP, UNHAPPY MARRIAGE. I was thinking “that is the real life”

I felt bad for myself, as the percentage of me having such a happy family like the one of my parents would be very low.

But Im so NOT right

puzzle conectionThe whole company is celebrating my Dad’s birthday. Today is not a cold day in Dalat city, even though Christmas is coming. Today is certainly not a cold day in our hearts either, because we gather, not as a company, but as a family.

Almost everybody joins the celebration with their spouse and children. We have foods, drinks and a big fire in the yard. We eat, we drink and we laugh. The husband of the accountant lady has traveled a long way just to come joining his wife. The husband of the operations lady makes so much fun of his wife while holding her hand. I see the couples taking care of each other. I see the couples taking care of their children, and other people’s children. I see the wife of the sale guy proudly talking about his new life after leaving the company. They are so excited about our incoming trip to their new farm.

So that is love of couples after marriage. They are there to support their partner. They spend time with their partner’s friends and coworkers as couple. They have so much fun with each other, and they do not hesitate to share their love to others. After a long working day, they have each other to take care of and to be taken care of. The burden of life is evenly shared in half.

Maybe I have been so pessimist, just picking the bad examples. Maybe I should stop reading gossiping column in the news. I look at what is happening and i talk to myself – love is really the most amazing feeling. Real love will lead to real happy family. That is the real life.

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