Since I was a kid, the word power came to me so often – power of the manager, of the teacher, of a citizen, etc. I was just old enough to understand that having power was so cool. Having power made people afraid of you and talk about you all the time. With some experiences in life, both of my own, and of people around, I realize that having power means a lot more than that.

Having power means having more information. You, thus, have more time for preparation or for speculation. You can even use your power to hide the information completely or to distort it for your good sake, so that people will not know about it, or know about it wrong.

Having power means having connection. Things will go much more easily and smoothly if you know the right people at the right place in the right moment. That is the good point of social network – people with the same or mutual interests meet and do business with each other, mostly in win-win situation.

Having power means having a position in the society. Being at authority level gives you a certain advantages, either tangible or intangible, not only for yourself, but also for your family, relatives and friends.

A lot of people are fighting for power at all cost. They obviously have their reasons to do it. All is for the advantages and benefits in life. Without power means that you work your ass out for the advantages and benefits of those who have it.

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