The accident that helps

2014-11-17 08.06.03Yeap, just as you read – i just have an accident while riding the bicycle down hill of the mountain pass. Is the injury serious? well, it is, enough for me to take some times off from daily life to stay home, hoping for a  prefect recovery. That is a real unfortunate. But thanks to it that I realize how lucky I am in this world.

Just before that 1 day, i felt miserable about my life. It was not because I was poor, or I was maltreated by life. I was because I did not know what i was born for. I did not like the way people around me behaving – all about money, two or more faces for favor and power. I did not feel excited of my job. People said that you should do what you love to live your life. I did not know what i love to do and what i should do. I had a personality crisis. I was in deep depression.

I remembered myself flying in the sky, then all I could sense from the world was my friends around. They used whatever they had to shade my bloody body from the tough and direct sunlight at noon. A dear friend then jumped on the ride to the hospital with me. I remember last time, she was panic when seeing blood. Now she was there, pushing the scarf on my open injuries, trying to stop the blood. I am grateful of all the friends that I have.

In a rural area of a third world, you should not hope for any good medical treatment or an up to date hospital. Neither did I. But now looking at the stitches that they did to me, those are not really bad. But most of all, I feel thankful that they were able to close the injuries, saving me some cc of blood without passing any infection.

How does the accident help me with my life? There was a lot of blood. That was a long commuting trip to the hospital. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw the light. I was bursting with the feeling revived. I can still see the world – the beautiful one that I have been taking for granted for years. None of the injuries will make me disable. They of course will make me ugly and make my life not as easy as before. Those will be scars that will never fade away. Those will remind me every day that I am so lucky to alive in one complete piece.

My Mom and Dad took me home like pros. They were calm, even joked on my situation and I thanked them so much for that. Any strong reaction would just make the situation worse. My injuries are well taken care of. Medicine and supplements are provided on time. I am fed with good foods. I am cheered up everyday. Home is the place to return. I am grateful for having a place like that.

I have zero tolerance to pain. I can cry just because of a light pinch. But I did not cry since I got back my conscious from the fall. I feel grateful instead – grateful that I am still here, writing this blog. I can never say THANKS enough.

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