Green Singapore – Let’s make it our garden

FullSizeRenderThree typical words to briefly describe Singapore would be CLEAN, SHOPPING MALL and FINANCIAL CENTER. Green is not in the list.

I found Singapore green to an unexpected level. Walking along Orchard Street, I ended up at Fort Canning Park. It was such a great yet surprising feeling of seeing big trees and variety of plants in the middle of the city. There are signs about names, origins and daily use of each type of trees and plants. The signs are small, but are big in the education mission in order to get the awareness of tourists and residents of the importance of trees. They make sure that people do not take for granted the lung of the city.

Big tree at Fort Canning Park
Big tree at Fort Canning Park

Following my travel plan, I went to Garden by the Bay. Yes, no argument against the groove trees at night – they are amazing. But walking around big area to learn about many kinds of tropical trees which are classified per countries is also exciting. Getting inside Flower Dom and Cloud Forest is to get huge lesson about the environment, the ecosystem of tropical regions. Trees and flowers are planted in the most natural way as if they are not human planted, but self develop in the nature.

Singapore is not a big country. It is smaller than the city that I’m living right now. In my city, people fight to get every meter square of land, in one way or another, whether in good or bad way. In Singapore, land is less, people is more. Logically, they will utilize every centimeter as land for sale and business. But they do not do that. They reserve big amount of space for green stuff, for free. They think about the environmental sustainability.

Green stuff in Singapore does not only exist at Fort Canning Park, or in Garden by the Bay, they are everywhere – inside malls and buildings, along the street, within resident area.

I love the green color. I love the green Singapore, and I love the slogan about Singapore that I saw


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