Bangkok – I’m working for the information office

???????????????????????????????I travelled to Bangkok – for the first time on my own.

While walking around Siam area for the some foods, I met a very helpful guy sitting in front of a door. He was really willing to help showing stuff and explaining things to me. He worked for the information office nearby. According to him, that day was the official Buddhist holiday in Thailand, thus, all the tours would be at a discount. He recommended me to take the tuk tuk to the Thai Pier and then the boat tour for just 1,500 bath instead of 3,000 bath on other days. He emphasized that the boat tour deal would be closed in an hour and ran to find me a tuk tuk so that I could catch the last one. Being too hungry and didn’t want to rush I said thanks and walked away, feeling regretful that I forwent such a good deal.

Walking along the street for food, a nice lady speaking perfectly English approached me to tell me that my bag was unzipped. She friendly asked for my plan for the day and surprisingly repeated the same plan that the guy working for the tourist information office had just told me. The only difference was that last boat, according to her, would be in 1.5hrs. Even more surprising she said that she also worked for the tourist information office. I said thanks and walked away, thinking that two people talking about the same thing, that deal must be really significant. But hmmm, something was not right here. Why don’t people working for tourist information office stay in their booths but walking around… Hmmm, suspicious!

I took the tuk tuk to the Grand Palace. There was a guy, also working for the tourist information office came by to say hi. This man wore a badge with computer chip in the badge. This must be real. He explained that that day was the Buddhist festival in Thailand, thus the Grand Palace was being closed until 1pm for national ceremony. Then he recommended a boat tour around Bangkok. Hmmm… Boat trip again? The boat trip agency must have really good connection with governmental officer!

I looked further to the entrance of the Grand Palace. There were too many western people getting in and out. In the air, the speaker said that “the Grand Palace is open everyday from 8am to 3pm. Please don’t trust any people in the area”

Welcome to Bangkok!

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